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Webster defines trepidation, in part as “a nervous or fearful feeling of uncertain agitation.” That’s pretty good. In this case, though, I will define trepidation as “that knotted, nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach when you let your readers know you now have a video channel on YouTube.” I would appreciate it if you’d take a look. I promise, the videos will get better! Click here to see the channel.

That’s all you need

One of the things I’ve done over the years is study people in different environments. One of those environments was MLM companies. What I learned was…interesting. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

There has been talk of forming a third party as an alternative to the GOP. While I am not a Republican, I think we can label this as a Bad Idea. Third parties have a less than storied history in the US because they never really win. This is contrary to the purposes of political parties. Those purposes are, by way of review,

  1. Gain power
  2. Retain power
  3. Concentrate power in the hands of a relative few
  4. Increase that power

So, political parties that never win aren’t worth much. “We’re here to keep people aware of what’s going on and to be a voice for change” is self-aggrandizing nonsense in the world of practical politics. (Yes, I agree that in 2016 the LP had the chance to become something of a player. Do you think Bill Weld’s words were accidental?)

The other major problem with third parties is that they’re often formed in response to perceived problems within one of our two major parties. Practical politics, again. Who would you rather have win, the party that was your political home or the other one? Because what these parties usually achieve is not what was intended. Please see the “Bull Moose” party.

What then is to be done for those who are frustrated by the GOP and its infestation of RINOs? I’m glad you asked. Have a seat, my young Padawan, and I shall tell you.

One of the concepts used in MLM is “just find three.” Some say “find four” but three will do what you want. In this case, what you want is to reform the GOP from the inside out. So, find three. That means, find three people who, politically/socially/fiscally see things the way you do. Help them be active at the local level (which means you have to be active, too). Then, help them do what you did. Rinse. Repeat. Titrate to effect. I’m not joking. In a MLM company, if you actually “find three” you can become a multi-millionaire. In politics, you can change a major political party…if you work hard enough…if you want it to change badly enough.

Hard though it is to believe, that’s all you need.

Don’t be allergic to this idea. It’s essentially what the Democrats have done. It worked for them.

30 Days of Mocking the Left, #30

It seems to me that with this being the last of my 30 days for this topic, it’s appropriate to include more than a single meme. First, we have what has been the Left’s predictable (and predicted) response to ideas they find objectionable. Remember, don’t think or say Bad Things!

There’s always time for a Bidet Biden meme!

A couple of helpful and classic forms for the Left, because as Larry Correia might note, you whine because you care harder…or something.

Followed by this one

If you can’t de-platform someone, have someone else do it for you.

Hey, the Left has said it’s okay to prove Godwin’s Law as long as someone is “literally Hitler,” right?

While we’re on the subject of de-platforming

And finally, there is this

Remember, if you give a commie a plane ticket, he’ll fly for a few hours. If you push a commie out of a helicopter, he’ll fly for the rest of his life.

You might conclude from all these that I don’t like people on the left. That would be false. What I despise is the Left. That is, those people who are happily, sometimes knowingly and sometimes ignorantly, doing their very best to destroy the things that made America good. Acknowledging that there were and are things we could and should do better, that there have and are ways we’ve failed to live up to our principles, is not the same as seeking to abandon those principles. Most people on the left don’t want to destroy America. The Left most assuredly does.

Make commies afraid of rotary aircraft, again.

I don’t care, very much

I don’t care, very much, about exactly how we got into the mess we’re in, except to the extent necessary to get out of it.

I don’t care, very much, about whose “fault” it is. I just want us out of the mess. As a general rule, placing fault and blame is for children, the lazy and the irresponsible.

I don’t care, very much, about who “started it.” This is not a playground and we are not fourth-graders watching two kids spit on each other.

I don’t care, very much, about whether I managed to upset people on the right when I didn’t support or vote for Donald Trump in 2016. He wasn’t who I wanted in the Oval Office.

I don’t care, very much, about whether I managed to upset people on the left when I didn’t support or vote for Joe Biden in 2020. He wasn’t who I wanted in the Oval Office.

I don’t care, at all, if people think I should shut up, “knuckle under,” or just “go along to get along.” I don’t plan on doing any of those. I intend to become louder and probably increasingly obnoxious.

30 Days of Mocking the Left, #29

Allow me to introduce everyone’s favorite white supremacist, a Representative of the great state of New York, the one, the only (dramatic drum roll) Alexandria Occasional-Cortex! (cheering in background)

It’s amazing, the things you can learn about someone simply from hand gestures. Or…we could realize the whole “the OK hand gesture is a white supremacist sign” is just so much nonsense.

30 Days of Mocking the Left, #28

I apologize for barely getting this one in under the wire.

30 Days of Mocking the Left, #27

I offer this in honor of the Left’s obvious and unwavering support for the principles of free speech. If only liberty had more defenders like them.


I like food. More accurately, I like good food. Admittedly, my definition of what constitutes good food may well be somewhat peculiar to me, just as yours is to you. For instance, I have it on good authority that Old NFO does not care for kimchi. Weird, I know, but that’s what he (doesn’t) like. Anyway, while I’ve been here in New Orleans, I’ve been able to enjoy dishes I’ve not had access to in a very long time. That certainly includes Cajun food, but for a kid from the North Carolina coast it really means fresh seafood, including my favorite of fresh seafoods. Behold. I give you that yummiest of yummies, the noble oyster.

Oh, my gosh. They were so good. I wonder if any restaurant serves them for breakfast…

30 Days of Mocking the Left, #26

Time for something truly tasteless.

After all, it was just humor, free speech and political commentary four years ago, was it not?


30 Days of Mocking the Left, #25