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This is why

I despise politicians. WTF? Couldn’t you have at least waited until RBG’s body reached ambient? Mercutio was right: “A plague o’ both your houses!”


Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. Regardless of how I may have felt about some of her votes, it must be said that she served honorably and with distinction. Politics can come later.

Short answers can be the best

There is a guy I follow* on Quora. He has a way with words and sometimes a certain economy of words. For instance, in response to this question

If you had to “sell me on” why the Second Amendment should be upheld, what is your best elevator pitch?

he provided this incredibly succinct, short version of his answer

“I’m a Jew.”

He goes on to provide a much longer discussion, but the short version should be sufficient to those with any knowledge of history. When he says “never again,” I have no doubt he means it.

*NOTE: His name is Murphy Barrett. He is one of the few bright spots on an increasingly useless platform.

A monument of sorts

Karl “I became so depressed when Bismarck hijacked my ideas that I never finished my writing” Marx is famous for a few things. There’s his absolute lack of understanding of economics, for one. Then, there is this quote

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

Has there ever been so great a monument to wishful thinking? Oh, it’s not the words themselves. I would argue that one can make a good case for the words expressing a concept completely consistent with Christianity. The problem, of course, is that Christianity does not presume to tell you what your ability and needs are. That decision is yours and the extent to which you decide correctly is between you and your Maker.

Socialism (and all the other fanciful systems which look to Marx for their inspiration) doesn’t approach it that way. Instead, someone else, some other human (or a group of them – never doubt the amount of stupidity and evil present in large groups) make those decisions for you. Special People decide what you can, and should, do. Special People decide what you need. Those same Special People also decide how, when and if (especially if) you can get what you need.

That is at least part of the problem with all Marxist thought. The idea that others are in a position to best decide what you can do, what you should do, and what you will obtain/enjoy/experience as a result. You don’t matter. What matters is that the system is in place. What matters is that everyone is getting only what they need (interestingly, political leadership seems to need more than you or your neighbor) and working for what everyone needs in a way that is inconsistent with human nature.

It’s not just wishful thinking. It’s evil.

He died far too late

One year ago today, Robert Mugabe did us all the favor of dying. It had to have taken a special kind of depravity to make as many suffer as he did, to turn the breadbasket of Africa into a net food importer, and to be responsible for the deaths of so many. The inimitable LawDog provided what remains the best epitaph I have yet read for the piece of excrement that was Mugabe. The world was and remains well-rid of him and his particular corrupting influence. May all dictators, current and would-be, soon follow him into in death and judgement. Happy Dead Dictator Day.


Disappointment can be a killer. Let me see if I can explain.

There is currently a bit of kerfuffle taking place on FB. It involves Larry Correia and David Brin as the two “antagonists,” if you will. The specifics aren’t all that important and I won’t link to it here. You can travel to the book of face and a quick search will allow you to read all the unpleasantness, should you so choose. What I want to suggest is that one of the two, David Brin, seems to exhibit what I’ve seen from other people when faced with profound disappointment when society consistently fails to change to meet up with their expectations. If this goes on long enough, some people don’t seem inclined to accept that and move on (or re-evaluate their expectations). Instead, something else happens. They begin to become bitter. With each successive year or realization that what they want or what they predicted hasn’t occurred and isn’t likely to, that bitterness increases. I have seen it happen to people in all walks of life more than once. In the end, they tend to become not just bitter, but angry, old and used up. It’s sad, really, because quite often they are people who held such promise and who were so optimistic about the future. To see them reduced to increasingly shrill sniping at those who dare disagree with them is almost embarrassing.

I don’t have a guaranteed recipe for how to avoid this. I just know I don’t want to wind up a tired, angry, bitter old man.

Libertarian entertainment?

Why, yes, there is such a thing. Of course, it’s usually disguised as something else. I offer two examples.

First, there is South Park. No group or ideology is safe, no topic so sacred as to be untouchable. Oh, and they killed Kenny. A lot.

Then, of course, there was Firefly. It only lasted a single season, but it was great. The movie, Serenity, which had the same cast, sucked but had one of the greatest libertarian lines. Given my distrust (perhaps even dislike) of the belief seemingly held by some that humans, as a species, can be improved, I think I’ll share it. Be advised, the good starts at about 0:41.


Too good

It has been said, rather accurately I think, that politics is the number one spectator sport in the United States. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will be spun. Short version: Richard Spencer (you know, the racist pig who was a figurehead of the white nationalist movement) has endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Let me be clear. I am not asserting, or even hinting at an assertion, that Joe Biden is a racist or endorses anything Spencer has said in the past. Instead, I want to focus on the tendency to claim that an endorsement by some controversial (or objectionable) person or group proves that “the other guy” is obviously bad. Oh, and to prove that he is not bad, he must, every time he opens his mouth, repudiate the bad thing. In my lifetime, Democrats have been very good at using endorsements of Republicans as weapons. I’m just curious to see how this one plays out. Will Biden and his supporters repudiate loudly and often, or will they insist that Spencer’s few, vague tweets amount to a wholesale change in what he believes?

Politicians are scum.

This is me, being fair

Recently, I posted a Joe Biden meme. I have since been informed that wasn’t fair as I had not included a meme about Donald Trump. Allow me to correct that egregious mistake. BTW, this meme comes from the FB group LGBT for Gun Rights.


Never let it be said that I’m not an equal opportunity abuser of political office holders.

A personal comment, nay, a rant

Listen up, Scooter. I know you’re a relative of my step-daughter’s SO. I know that you tried to help her change the serpentine belt on her car when it broke just a few miles east of Van Horn, Texas. I know that you were traveling, with your mom, in a second vehicle, traveling in tandem if you will. I also know that when you didn’t like her suggestion for how to proceed (which, as it happens, is the correct way the belt is to be changed), your little ego got hurt and you tromped off into the boonies to go sulk. I know you had started drinking that morning, jackass. Fortunately for you, your mom was also there with her car, so you didn’t leave her stranded in the middle of nowhere. I would have been…annoyed…when I arrived. Still, you walked off.

Walked off? Really? To go sulk because you are so fragile you couldn’t handle having a young woman give you advice? What kind of man does that? The answer, of course, is that a man doesn’t throw silly, childish, little baby fits. Of course, a man with any sense doesn’t normally start drinking at 0730 either, especially in the heat of a West Texas summer. As regards the drinking, based upon that episode and what your relatives said, you have a problem.

I’m told you finally managed to find a ride back to Abilene. I’m glad your stupidity didn’t lead to your death out there. There was no reason for your family to have to grieve because of your delicate ego. For what it’s worth, Scooter, if you do the belt change correctly, it takes 30 minutes or less, not the 4+ hours you tried in vain to do the job.

This rant is hereby concluded.