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Just to be clear

January 9, 2013

Okay. Just to be clear. Apparently my comments suggesting people not Be Stupid were objectionable to some. Specifically, they were objectionable to a man who proclaims himself a “Take No Prisoners Pro-Gun Patriotic Real Red Blooded American” (to distinguish himself from yours truly, I suppose).  No, you can’t read his insightful comments here because I have a simple rule regarding moderation:  If your comments are limited to all caps (in bold, italics and underlined no less), exclamation points and a description of my failings- intellectual, psychological, genetic and moral- you don’t get to see your Wisdom of the Ages here. That said, here is my understanding of the amendment in question:

  1. It is not about hunting, though it certainly protects the right to own the implements necessary for that.
  2. While the Founding Fathers recognized the right to self-defense, it is not, primarily, about self-defense, though history tells us they certainly saw that as a right.
  3. It is about the right of the people to have in their possession the means necessary to oppose oppression and tyranny. End of discussion. Period.
Now, can we move on?

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