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Did you think about this even a little?

February 9, 2013

Let me start by saying a few things, just to make my position clear.

  1. I love this country. I’ve seen a lot of places…and I prefer the US to all of them.
  2. I am a veteran. Please see the name of this blog.
  3. The Bill of Rights has 10 amendments, not just one or two. They are all important and I value each of them.
  4. I am worried about the direction of our country. My concerns are social, economic, political, moral and ethical. Sometimes I even talk about them.
  5. I vote. I encourage others to vote. So, go vote.
  6. I recognize that you don’t have to agree with me. It’s a free country, remember?
  7. You and I may look at the same information and draw different conclusions. That’s okay. You have the right to your opinion, just as I have the right to declare it little more than tripe…and vice-versa.
Now, with that out of the way, I’d like to talk about something I’ve run across with increasing frequency on various web sites. It’s a tendency for people who are likewise worried about the direction they see our country taking to see things as so bad that they see revolution coming. They tend to state
  1. They see violent revolution as virtually inevitable
  2. They are willing, even eager, to participate.
That’s kind of a big deal. One of the hazards of a military career is a tendency to become a more than casual student of history. I fell victim to that hazard long ago. So, based upon my reading of history, both ancient and modern, as well as my experience in various parts of the world, I have to ask those who are so eager for revolution two questions. Have you completely lost whatever the Good Lord gave you for brains? What, in the name of all that is holy, do you really think happens in a revolution?

I suspect these self-proclaimed revolutionaries see themselves as some sort of modern day Ethan Allen, leading the Green Mountain Boys in glorious revolt against an oppressive government. They will fight against overwhelming odds and face apparently insurmountable difficulties only to emerge victorious at the end to the cheers and undying gratitude of a grateful nation that has returned, at last to its republican roots and with a limited government as the people enjoy a resurgence of freedom. The now weary freedom fighters, will of course, heed the call to continued service and reluctantly take on varying roles of leadership as they help rebuild the Republic. Nonsense.
Let’s talk about revolutions. There have been an untold number throughout history. They tend to be violent and bloody. People get hurt. People die. Not all of them combatants. That includes people on both sides…family and friends, husbands and wives, parents and children. And before you begin to talk about “the price of freedom” and “the blood of patriots and tyrants” answer this question. How many revolutions have resulted in a stable, free and long lasting republic? Here’s an answer: Almost none. That’s part of what makes the American Revolution so amazing. Not only for it’s success, but for what it produced. Measured against the total number, the odds of the American Revolution producing what it did were not good at all. So if you have this view that things will, of course, work out the same way again, please see my first 2 questions.
Here’s what tends to happen with revolutions. They result in ongoing and violent power struggles as different armed factions attempt to take advantage of the power vacuum. If an even semi-stable government is formed it is very likely to be a despotic one, ruled by the person and group with the greatest amount of armed power. And that one can fall as well, as other groups attempt to take their rightful place at the top of the new political food chain. One bloody revolt, one nasty coup after another. Violent crime, often perpetrated by various “freedom fighters” becomes the norm as society descends further and further into chaos. There is no safety and there is no freedom. The odds are, you will not be on top of the heap. You will not be one of those in charge. Your name will not be remembered in stories and songs. You’ll just be another dead guy with a gun who died in some ill-considered and poorly planned revolt because he wanted to go down in history.
So, how bad would things have to be to justify such a thing? Let me suggest, a whole lot worse than they are right now! Aside from the potentially negative results of being identified as a nut case with a gun by the federal government, if you spout this sort of nonsense you might inspire others to take up what is currently a moronic clarion call. Don’t spout half-understood drivel about how things are compared to pre-Revolution America. Actually read history. Get a feel for what things were like…and how little it would have taken to convince the Founders to forego revolution. Get this, they didn’t want to revolt. They wanted to remain loyal British citizens. So, please, read history and see that we’re still better off than anyone else in the world.
Until then, do the rest of us a favor. Shut up.

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  1. okay couldnt get my login to work, so anonymous post it isI tend to agree. If people realized the violence that comes from revolutions then they may find them less palatable. The French revolution, the Russian revolution. Greece, China, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, Mexico's half a dozen or more separate revolutions. They all failed, and I think it's because of factionalism. The only time I will be grabbing a gun and running out to fight is gonna be in defense of my home, and family, or an absolute takeover of my country by a despotic or abusive government. I don't think we've gotten there yetThe short and deformed oneAlso called hideousdwarf

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