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A Mercutio point of view

February 20, 2013

First, I should apologize. I really do like Shakespeare. A lot. Yeah, a literature geek, I know. Verily and forsooth. Anyway…

You might have noticed that since I started this blog not too terribly long ago there has been a bit of a recurring theme. I’m not too fond of gun control nor of the more strident voices on either side of the debate. I define strident voices, in this case, as those who yell, scream, cover their ears, shout down their opposition, lie, etc. Unfortunately, we have such voices on both sides. They really annoy me. 
It was while thinking about this today (right after being accused of essentially longing for and fantasizing about  armed revolt against our government by a person who could have learned otherwise by merely asking me a question) that I happened to remember Romeo and Juliet (more on this later).
I’ve come to a conclusion. As I’ve indicated before, there are some gun rights people who fantasize about armed revolt. I believe most of these have no idea what they’re proposing, the horrors it would present or the inability to control the outcome of a rebellion. Do I think some of them sincerely see no alternative? Sure. I also think the vast majority of them are living in some fantasy land that bears little resemblance to the world most of us inhabit. In their fantasies, they don’t get shot (or if they do, they either recover or die gloriously), their friends and families don’t suffer horribly and the good guys win. And, again, some of these guys want this crap.
Likewise, I’ve come to believe there are gun control folks who want the same revolt, albeit for different reasons. The pain, the death, the chaos and suffering will all confirm, no prove as true, what they’ve been saying about us pro-gun rights people all along. I can hear it now. “See, we told you they were dangerous. We told you how unstable they were, how vital it was to disarm them before something like this could happen.” These are some of the same folks who believe the gun manufacturers might like such a thing, since they (gun manufacturers) have a vested interest in making sure guns are supplied to criminals.
Egad. Enough, already. On to R and J. I don’t care which group you call Montague or Capulet.  Just after Tybalt stabs Mercutio…
Mercutio:  “…A plague a’ both your houses”

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  1. My feeling on this subject is one of increasing concern. The country is dividing ever more sharply, and it looks a lot like the situation of a hundred fifty years ago. It would be best for all parties to step back from the brink. I'm sad to say that this may not be possible. There are some things that must not be sacrificed, even in the interest of getting along. I'd like to believe that our side isn't asking too much–basically, we just want to do our own thing without harming any innocent person–but liberty scares many people.

  2. I'm concerned as well. My concern is only heightened by those who want conflict. And, I agree, some things are too important for compromise. That's why I hope for an acceptable political solution. Of course, politics is largely the art of compromise…not good.

  3. Funny thing about compromise. It's only a compromise when both sides get something in return for giving up something else.Unfortunately, what the left calls compromise entails the right giving up on an issue and the left saying we'll give up something next time, but next time never comes. I do believe gun control is probably the tipping point. The gun rights people have steadily given ground to the gun control crowd for decades without anything in return. I believe the line in the sand is drawn.

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