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Anzac Day

April 25, 2015

100 years ago, today, the Anzacs landed in Gallipoli. What had been planned as a bold and swift strike to liberate Constantinople soon turned into a prolonged, brutal and bloody campaign. Ultimately, it ended in a stalemate.

Honor is a concept some people dismiss too readily and others embrace too lightly. Dedication to cause and country above self and safety often comes at a price few can imagine and even fewer are willing to pay. For some, depending on the cause or the course a country’s leadership chooses, the price is scorn and derision. That the one scorned and derided has placed this dedication and service above his or her own desires or wishes is seldom considered in such circumstances. For others, the price is paid in life or limb, in blood, pain and death. And still, there are those who will pay the price and bear the burden of doing what others will not, because that is the nature of service. Sometimes, it is simply what must be done.

To all those who are remembered on Anzac Day, you served with honor.

Well done, my brothers.

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