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Pretending is Pointless

June 23, 2016
What follows are just the notes for an article I almost posted last year. I found those handwritten notes earlier today (I’m old enough that planning out a book or article on the computer is not always as easy as using a pencil and paper). I have updated it only slightly to reflect current reality. It was, I believe, originally inspired by something I read on another person’s blog. Sadly, I no longer remember whose blog. If you read this and recognize it as having been inspired by someone specific, please let me know so I can give that person proper credit. Some people will disagree, perhaps strongly, with what I express here. Quite frankly, I have come to be past the point of caring.
  • Evil is real and it is present in this world. Pretending acts like those that occurred in Paris, Mumbai, San Bernardino or the most recent one in Orlando Florida are the inevitable result of poverty, governmental corruption, global climate change, a generalized dislike of some group or something equally absurd is an exercise in foolishness and deception of self and others.
  • Evil knows of no limitation of appetite. It always seeks more. Whether ISIS, Hezbollah, Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot, evil can never oppress, steal, murder or torture enough to be satisfied.
  • All cultures, and their peculiar values, are not equally valid. Some cultures prize values that are inherently inimical to the values of some other cultures.
  • There is no reasoning with evil. It has never “seen the error of its ways” and it never will. Evil scoffs at dialogue and uses it only as a screen and cover. Evil willingly enters into agreements, treaties and accords with no intent of abiding by them. It considers those who take them seriously as weak and powerless. Payments in the form of aid are viewed as either tribute or attempts at appeasement.
  • Some worldviews simply cannot peacefully coexist. They are so far apart that conflict is inevitable virtually any time they meet.
  • It is the height of foolishness to welcome immigrants from cultures with values opposed to those of the receiving country and expect there to be no conflict.
  • The only reasoning to which evil is amenable is that which slaps it down hard and which guarantees its obliteration should it rear its ugly head ever again.

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