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Things People say About…guns

September 23, 2016
I run into all sorts of arguments against private citizens owning firearms. Here, for your edification and enjoyment, are some of the more typical ones I’ve encountered in the past 30 days. The frustrating part? These are the arguments I’ve been hearing for years. I’ll try to give a brief, and simple, answer to each.
  1. If you have a firearm in your home, you are much more likely to get shot with it than a person who does not.
    1. Duh. A person with a backyard pool is more likely to drown in it than a person who doesn’t have one. A person who drinks alcohol is much more likely to get drunk than one who does not.
  2. You know that guns, especially semiautomatic handguns, sometimes just go off by themselves without anybody touching them, right?
    1. No. No, they do not. I own a number of them. Until and unless you touch the trigger, you can do pretty much anything you want to them and they simply will not fire.
  3. There’s not really any difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons.
    1. Yes, there is. A fully automatic weapon will fire for as long as you hold the trigger or until it fires its multiround burst. A semiautomatic wepon fires 1 round every time you pull the trigger.
  4. Repeating weapons did not exist when the Constitution was written.
    1. Actually, they did. You should read more.
  5. The ammunition for the AR-15 is too powerful for deer hunting. That’s why it’s not legal to use it in most States.
    1. It’s illegal for deer hunting in most states because it is deemed too weak for deer hunting.
  6. The AR-15 is just like the M16. Both of them can fire thousands of rounds in a minute.
    1. No, it is not. The AR-15 is a semiautomatic rifle. The M-16 is capable of automatic fire. Please see #3, above.
    2. Even in “full auto” mode, the M16A4 has a cycluc rate of fire of about 950 rounds per minute. The AR-15 has an effective rate of 45-60 rounds per minute.
  7. It’s easy to convert an AR-15 to fully automatic fire.
    1. No, it is not. The necessary parts cannot be cannabalized from an M16 because they do not fit. To make it fully automatic requires the services of a skilled gunsmith with an adequate machine shop. I’ve yet to meet one who was willing to face the wrath of the ATF to do such a thing.
  8. Using a gun to defend yourself against someone who attacks you with his hands, or even a knife, gives you an unfair advantage.
    1. Well, I certainly hope so.
  9. “Bear arms” means to raise your feudal lord’s standard in combat.
    1. Yes. Of course it does. Because people who were inspired by the Enlightenment and who had just fought a war in part because of the actions of the English monarch, were all about living under feudalism.
  10. Gun Owners just want to kill somebody.
    1. No, though we would very much like to not be killed. That is why so many of us own firearms for self defense. Allow me to suggest you’re projecting, just a bit.
  11. You are obviously compensating for a small penis.
    1. This is not the 4th grade.

As I said, these are the same arguments, a word I’m using lightly, I’ve been encountering for years. Other pro Second Amendment people tell the same story. It’s almost as if gun control proponents either don’t listen or simply don’t care that their arguments are false and/or, well, stupid.

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