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Random Sarcastic Goodness

November 17, 2016

In case I haven’t mentioned it before (actually, I did – here) I did not vote for either Trump or Clinton. This provides me the luxury of laughing at twice as many people. Currently, I’m largely laughing at the Hillary supporters who are so very, very upset – especially those whose distress that “Love Trumps Hate” failed to win has become so great that their love must now be expressed through threats of violence and actual violence against those they undoubtedly love so very, very much, and vandalism.

The Silicon Graybeard shares two delightful terms with us in a recent post. One of those is his coinage. The other comes from the pages of The Lonely Libertarian. Those terms are:

  • Trump Opposition Defiance Disorder (TODD)
  • Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)*

Sarah A. Hoyt shares with us the probably never to be topped “Trumphausen by proxy.”

In what I view as his highly entertaining, take no prisoners style, Michael Z. Williamson takes a not so sympathetic look at the American left and  “The Myth of Liberal Educationalism.”

Though some of them are longer than others, each and every one of these is worth your time reading. If you are of the more left-wing or progressive persuasion, you should probably consider this a trigger warning…

*Note: Do not complain to me about this. I’m the Chief Nursing Officer at an acute psych hospital. We get a lot of MHMR patients and this blog in no way makes fun of them or light of their circumstances. I simply find the term, “TARD”, so very appropriate, given the left’s pretensions of intellectual superiority. If you think otherwise, feel free to move on.

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