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For my Constitutional Conservative and Libertarian Friends…

December 1, 2016

We have, for many long years, been fighting a hard battle on many fronts. Attacks on many of our beliefs and values, an ever-expanding and over reaching government, the seeming desire to destroy anything that remotely resembles a free market place, the abandonment of individual liberty for the sake of group identity and the seemingly ever-rising tide of collectivism have been among the things against which we have fought. It has at times been enough to make one despair. But now, things are different, right? Well, arguably so, at least for the time being. And that is where our great risk lies.

Someone more insightful than I noted that government and the decision to use it are very much like the “one ring” in The Lord of the Rings. That is, governmental power, even when used with the purest of motives to achieve the most noble of ends, is inherently corrupting. The risk is this: in our desire to undo the legacy of a left-wing oligarchy we can wind up introducing a right-wing authoritarianism at least as bad or perhaps even worse than the thing we have worked to defeat. This is going to test our commitment to freedom. It is going to test our commitment to the Constitution and to our republic. In this, we must not fail.

God grant us the courage of our convictions to not do what others before us have done.

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