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Following up on an offer…

December 30, 2016
Some time ago, I offered to help anyone who wanted to learn what his or her personal narrative is, and to help them learn to change it, if desired. A reader suggested I might want to write an article or a series of articles about that. I’ve thought about that and why not? Not everyone can afford an executive life coach, but most of us could benefit from one. So, it’s a good way of following through on my offer. What I have in mind, then, is a series of articles that will discuss the major concepts involved in both learning your current narrative and changing it. In addition, I want to provide some concrete steps anyone can take to change their narrative. While it can’t be personalized to you in this format, I hope it will provide both a starting point and some general direction.
One of the biggest challenges faced by both new life coaches and clients who are utilizing the services of one for the first time is this: there truly is “nothing new under the sun.” All the techniques and ideas that really work, are old. Sure, there are variations on themes and the most recently coined terms, but at their heart these are old ideas or even ancient ones. A mentor of mine once noted that in the 5500-6500 years of recorded human history, there really hasn’t been much written that’s really new as regards people and their motivations and behaviors. Oh, someone might come up with a slightly updated application, but that’s about it. I tend to agree. More than that, I think that’s a good thing. Like my mentor, I like to tell my clients I’m not going to tell them anything new. One of his comments was that when it comes to people and helping people understand and change themselves and their lives, we should all beware of the person who offers to help us change using “new wisdom.” Wisdom, at least when it comes to people, isn’t new. It’s old. It’s really old. You probably wouldn’t pay much attention to the man who says, “we’re making antiques and would like for you to come take a tour of the factory,” other than to maybe shake your head and check your wallet. So, these articles will largely focus on some really old stuff.
Another point is important. If you are a fan of things like “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction,” you’ll likely be disappointed by what I write. Please understand. I am a modernist, so I like facts and data. I am a history and science geek, so I really like facts and data. During my first college career, I pursued 3 degrees simultaneously: oceanography, marine biology and engineering. The result, as it pertains to this article, is this: I will tell you, in my view, “The Secret” is largely crap and “The Law of Attraction” is perpetuated by people who have decided they would hijack some scientific concepts (quantum physics or quantum mechanics, depending on the speaker/writer) for which neither they nor their readers/listeners understand the math, in order to lend their ideas an air of legitimacy. You give them new names, effectively dressing them up in new clothes every generation or so, and there is still no “secret to success” that has been kept hidden from the masses for hundreds or even thousands of years and that is only now being revealed (if you buy the books/videos, of course). Further, the universe does not respond to the “frequency of your thoughts” by giving you what you want because you “put it out there to the universe.” So now you know, ahead of time, that if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find it in what I write. What you will get is this: concepts and techniques that have been proven across hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of years that have shown a consistent tendency to allow people who master the concepts and consistently practice the techniques to understand themselves better and make what they find to be meaningful changes in their lives.
I hope you find the information in this series of articles as helpful as I have found it.

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