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Ironically funny

January 11, 2017

Sometimes, you find something that’s really funny. For instance, I find this clip from the Carol Burnett show really funny. Other things, though, are funny in some other sense (my dad used to make a distinction between what he called “ha-ha funny” and “peculiar funny.” Thus, for science fiction geeks about my age, we have Kirk’s comment from The Wrath of Khan, “That’s damn peculiar.”

There is a third type of funny. We often call this one “ironically funny.” Like “peculiar funny” it doesn’t always produce laughter, but I do find it often contains a certain sort of humor. There are two examples in our country, currently. The first is the apparent increase in gun purchases  for the purpose of self-defense by those who frequently identify as liberal or progressive. While I dispute the idea that a member of a minority who buys a firearm must, of necessity, be possessed of left leaning tendencies, the increase does seem to be a real thing. So, I find it ironic that people, some of whom perhaps only a few months ago decried the purchase and use of firearms for self-defense, are now buying them for that purpose. Like Gwendolyn Patton of The Pink Pistols, I think their fears related to the election of Donald Trump are groundless. They are, I submit, far more likely to be attacked by a more common criminal than by some misguided Trump supporter. Still, I support their decision. They worry about being attacked. They purchase a gun as a last line of defense, just in case. Makes sense to me. I would only add I hope they behave responsibly and take the time to get training. Larry Correia addressed the increase in interest in gun ownership by liberals far more eloquently than I, way back in November in a post to his blog.

I find it equally ironic that at least some progressives or modern liberals are now interested in “prepping.” My search of Facebook returned 15 results. While it appears the groups are not as large as the more “traditional” prepper groups and while I can’t speak to the quality of their content, I do find the interest ironic given the rather jaundiced view many liberals and progressives have long held of preppers.

Finally, there is irony in the apparent increase in federalism by those on the left as they find many of their favorite issues facing the possibility of a hostile administration in Washington. Suddenly the 10th Amendment, the one so often vilified and declared outdated, is seen as a way of opposing overreaching federal authority.

All of this can be taken one of two ways.

  1. We can see it as an opportunity to spread the message and idea of liberty to people who were, perhaps, less than enamored of the concept until recently. The message might be “Hey, look, I don’t agree with what you want to do in your city or state, and that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you and your fellow citizens of (insert state/city) are not powerless subjects of the powers in Washington. Exercise your freedom. Support and encourage liberty.”
  2. We can see it as an example of liberty being important depending entirely upon whose ox is being gored.


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  1. Definitely agree with #2… Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are crawfishing so fast they are leaving a rooster tail!

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