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THIS is how you keep customers after a PR debacle

May 1, 2017

Both Rock Island Arms and Springfield Armory have released statements stating their opposition to the deal worked out by Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IMFA) chief lobbyist Jay Keller (there’s more here). I have to admit I was shocked (and more than annoyed) at the apparent sellout by the two manufacturers. That said, I’m beyond delighted to learn both were apparently not only uninvolved in the negotiations, but were in fact unaware of them. Apparently, gun manufacturers do remember what happened to both Smith and Wesson and Ruger when they, oh so willingly, got into bed with the government back in the 1990s. So, unless more information implicating Rock Island Arms or Springfield Armory comes out, I may actually be willing to consider buying one or more guns from either of them in the future.

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