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July 12, 2017

A little background. I have been, at various times, a preacher and deacon, newspaper owner and writer (including both news and ad copy), life coach, hypnotist and blogger, among other things. To put it another way, at different points in my life, I have earned part or all of my living with words. So what, right? Yay me, etc and “big, fat, hairy deal.” The point is, I like words. I enjoy putting them together and seeing how they affect people.

Why is it, now that I’m trying to write fiction, that I am struggling so much getting words on paper (well, computer screen)? It’s making me crazy. I’m working on two projects and some days I’m doing good to get anything written. More than one published author has said “just write.” Sounds good, great even. Until the words won’t come. Then it becomes really frustrating. Frustration turns to annoyance, annoyance to disgust and if I’m not careful I wind up walking away from the keyboard.

If you are a blogger and/or author, I’m open to any and all suggestions.


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  1. If you’re hung up, go to another project, if you’re hung up on both of them, start a third one, just stream of consciousness, if necessary. I have three projects in the hopper, and when I can’t move one, I’ll jump to one of the others. The novella I put up was a stream that turned into something…

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