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An answer

February 18, 2018

Specifically, an answer to a question on Quora. The question as originally asked (sometimes they get changed, after the fact) was

“What would happen if gun regulation advocates started buying and destroying guns and ammunition?”

There were some serious answers given. I shared the question with a man I know who is not a Quora-type person. He noted that just a little thought about supply-demand would provide an answer. I agree. But he, like those who answered on Quora, was a little too serious, I thought, regarding what I view as an enormously stupid question. Gun and ammunition manufacturers, I submit, love it when anyone buys their goods as long as they use them legally and responsibly. Within the bounds of both legal and responsible, what a person does with it once they buy it, even if they buy it solely to destroy it, is entirely up to the purchaser. From my perspective, it is not going to happen, at least not to any significant degree.

But what if it did?

“And it came to pass that there was great rejoicing in the halls of Sturm Ruger, and of Remington and of all those who manufactured freedom sticks and freedom seeds, for their profits did increase greatly. And there was great rejoicing, and perhaps a bit of satisfied chuckling, among those who loved freedom for its own sake. And behold, the two groups did come together, and using some of the wealth collected from the actions of the woefully misinformed they erected three statues at the headquarters of Colt. On the left, a statue of he who made men equal, Samuel Colt. On the right, a statue of the Prophet John Moses Browning. And in the center, facing east so that every morning the rays of the rising sun should shine upon it, an immense obelisk. And inscribed a upon it were the words of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. And the people who loved freedom for its own sake did gaze upon it and declare that it was good.”

Forgive me. My sarcasm is showing.

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