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A link to a “Mad Mike” post

February 20, 2018

Michael Z. Williamson (aka “Mad Mike,” aka “Crazy Einar”) has written a post for his blog over at The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse. Like much of his writing, it is not for the delicate or faint of heart*. And, like most of his writing, it is very insightful and delightfully shorn of pretense or obfuscation. You man find the specific post here.


He suggests people inclined to do so should by an AR-15, or perhaps even another one. I had the same thought as Mike Williamson, but the Lady of RM Ranch has frowned upon another gun purchase until we take care of more pressing issues (priorities, woman, priorities!). His firs argument for doing so is, I think, the best one in terms of practical politics. If enough people buy enough of them, they will become so normalized, so much a part of everyday life for millions of Americans, that “asking to ban them is like asking to ban Toyota Camrys, not Dodge Vipers.” This is an area in which I believe we so often fail, so I am glad to see him address the greater picture of how to normalize what we do. Look, I get it. Teaching our kids and grandkids about guns is vital, and for many families, guns really are a family thing. But this tendency we sometimes have to only “spread the word” vertically limits our ability to normalize the legal ownership and use of firearms. We must find a way to spread our influence and point of view horizontally, as well. I do not know if all or many of us buying as many AR-15s as we can will do it, or not, but it is a place to begin. Besides, look at it this way: he lists several other reasons for buying an AR-15, so it is likely a win, either way.

*NOTE: For those easily offended, it is a movie reference. You will understand once you read the first sentence of the post. I could tell you which movie, but Google is your friend.

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