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They weren’t lying

March 7, 2018

I have heard a lot of actors say comedy is harder than drama. Probably, but I don’t know, for sure. My acting career was very short, a thing for which we should all be grateful. All I know is that I sucked at dramatic acting. I can’t imagine trying the comedic stuff.

Everybody has things they say are “the hardest” I guess.

A lot of writers have told me action/fight scenes are the hardest to write. I don’t know if they are the hardest. I do know that if they are not, I have no desire to learn what is the hardest. The one I’m working on may be the most exquisitely difficult thing I have ever written. The best part will be when my volunteer reviewers get hold of it and tell me I need to rewrite it.

Being a deck ape* was easier than this.

*Deck ape is a USCG and USN term for members of deck force, the most traditional of sailors in the modern USCG and USN. They are to be differentiated from all the wannabe sailors in the various engineering, admin and aviation ratings.

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  1. OldNFO permalink

    Depending on what you know, ANY scene can be hard to write… 🙂 You do the best you can, then let the alpha readers chop it up. Short and punchy is always better… LOL

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