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The wisdom of Clark Griswold

January 5, 2019

I’ve been contemplating my return to this blog, now that I’ve come to realize just how much a time waster Quora can be. Regardless of its original intent, it has become a place for people to fight from the relative safety of a keyboard. So, while I don’t want to cancel my account there, I’m backing off a bit, to focus on things that matter a great deal more. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about authoritarians and their seemingly inexplicable support for gun control. I had started a post to make the point that for those who accept the underlying premises of authoritarianism, such support makes sense and that they aren’t all evil people bent on controlling the rest of us. But…

I ran across this gem of a comment regarding gun control. Now, the question was, “When do you think we will begin to see the rate of compliance for the various firearms bans that have recently taken effect in the US?” If you don’t wish to follow the links, I’ll quote this particular answer to the question, here:

“A few high profile arrests and sharp fines would bring the scofflaws to heel. Isn’t it amazing when so-called ‘law-abiding’ citizens deliberately break the law and then howl when they get burnt? These are the same people who whine that gun laws aren’t enforced strictly enough.”

That’s your answer? This from a man who ostensibly took an oath to the Constitution? Let’s just jump straight to “a few good hangings,” shall we? What happened? Have you found the concept of a free people to be inconvenient in your efforts to remain relevant by clinging to the vestigial remains of the power and authority over others you once enjoyed? Here, this is for you, Ed.


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  1. OldNFO permalink

    The massive number of non-compliers with the NY Safe Act, the CT AR ban, and now the Boulder, CO non-compliance with the semi automatic ban should be an indication… And nobody ‘really’ knows how many weapons are actually out there. Just like the ‘standard magazines’ that hold more than 10 rounds.

    • I am sometimes amazed that many people, in this case “people” means gun control advocates, seem to ignore the implications of both large-scale, widespread non-compliance and the lack of knowledge as to who has what (and how many “who’s” and “whats” there are). More than that, they ignore the even greater implications of one or more people anonymously posting videos and pictures, carefully scrubbed of metadata and staged to preserve anonymity, of people actively using the now forbidden items in defiance of a ban. Once people begin to poke the bear with a stick, things can go south really fast.

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