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75 years ago

June 6, 2019

today, Operation Overlord (aka “D-day”) took place. It was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany and aspirations of the madman who had led the world into globe-spanning chaos, death and destruction. It was also the single biggest exercise in logistics the world had ever seen. It remains such to this day.

D-Day landing craft.

More than that, though, at least in terms of what we remember, is that it was a day when many of an entire generation did what was needful, rather than what was wanted, convenient, or safe.


Every year, and, I suspect, every day there are fewer and fewer left of those who were there. Fewer of those who can give their perspective. Fewer who can help us remember and understand the “why” of such a thing. If you have the opportunity, take the time to talk to someone who was there.

May we who remain never forget.

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  1. OldNFO permalink

    All honors to them, and yes, fewer and fewer every year!

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