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Finally retired tech

October 21, 2019

I have an admitted soft spot for all the US armed forces. After all, I began my military career in one (USCG) and retired from another (USN)*. Anyway, a good friend of mine from years ago has long proclaimed that the USAF, his service (of which he is justifiably proud, I should note), is more “high tech” than either of the services of us he calls “boat people.” Which means that finding this little gem on The Silicon Greybeard’s blog filled me with no end of childish glee. I include only the briefest of excerpts:

You may have seen this entertaining little story going around the last couple of days, but the Air Force has finally retired 8-inch floppies from the missile launch control system. Those would be the strategic missile launch facilities.

Yep. 8-inch floppies. Not 3.5-inch floppies. Oh, no. The big, if-you’re-not-my-age-you’ve-likely-never-seen-one 8-inchers. You may not understand my gleeful chuckle, unless you both served and really enjoyed the fun that is military sibling rivalry. If not, you missed something special.

“Aim High,” my friend.

*Incidentally, this makes for some odd looks when I go hear a military band and they play their typical medley of service songs, as I stand for both “Semper Paratus” and “Anchors Aweigh.”

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