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Epidemiology and infection control

February 13, 2020

Do not consist of exposing people, without their consent, to a potentially lethal pathogen. Like what is currently being done in Japan. Aesop deals with this issue here. His post is well-named: Paging Dr. Mengele. Given the resources available to a nation like Japan, there is nothing to recommend this approach, other than a casual disregard for the value of the lives of the people on the Diamond Princess. To be fair, I will note that there seems to be a plan for a “voluntary disembarkation of guests to complete their quarantine period at a shoreside facility,” with said disembarkation to take place “over the next several days.” If this is, indeed, the case, that needs to be carried out posthaste as the longer uninfected and infectious people remain in what is essentially an enclosed common space, preventing further infection of the uninfected (including some non-Corona infections)  will range between “overwhelmingly difficult” and “impossible.”


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