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Of farming and animals

February 18, 2020

I spent part of my childhood on a farm. It’s not easy. It’s not easy physically and it’s not easy intellectually, unless your goal is to go broke really fast. Thus, I have no problem with the criticism Michael Bloomberg is receiving for his comments.

The best response I’ve seen? This one.

bloomberg farmer

Which leads me to think about animals. Consider this: virtually every philosopher, at least Western ones, would agree that the way a person treats animals provides some insight into the kind of person he or she is. Further, I’ve known farmers and ranchers who largely based their assessment of other farmers and ranchers upon how they treated their livestock. It was not unknown, decades ago, for farmers to inquire as to how some young man who wanted to court the farmer’s daughter treated his animals. All because it gives insight into a person’s character.* Bear with me. This is going somewhere. With the exception of some people who eventually needed to be locked away for the safety of others, I have yet to meet the person who does not think we should treat animals decently. “Treat animals decently” is perhaps the easiest sell there is. How is it, then, that an organization, let’s say one that perhaps goes by the acronym PETA, manages to make such a thing controversial? It takes a special kind of stupid to accomplish that — or at least it takes an ideology that seeks to demonize and antagonize the vast and overwhelming majority of those it supposedly seeks to influence to change because, you know, that always works.

*If you argue it was because such farmers thought of their daughters as livestock, you’re an idiot.

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