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Really? You don’t say…

March 4, 2020

From NBC’s insightful analysis we learn that not only did Joe Biden win the Texas Democratic primary, but, get this, his win was a “surprise victory.” No. No it wasn’t.

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I didn’t vote for him (or any of his Democratic opponents) but his win was anything but surprising. The only people who seriously thought Bernie was going to win were those who believe Democrats (and Republicans, Libertarians/libertarians, etc) are some monolithic group…the same, everywhere they are found. I submit that to most Texas Democrats, Bernie is a bridge too far. Biden’s win was not a surprise. Bernie was never going to win in Texas. “Yes,” you say, “but it looks like Bernie won in California.” Uh huh. Please see “monolithic group” above (especially if you are on the American left) and make up your mind. Is California the utopian opposite of Texas (a belief which I frequently encounter) or not? If it is, if attitudes and beliefs in California are so much better than in Texas, so much more progressive, so much more of everything that is good and noble, then Bernie’s win there, and his loss in Texas, should come as no surprise. On the other hand, if Texas Democrats are as “woke” as some others are claiming, Bernie should have won Texas handily. That did not happen. It will be interesting to see how Bernie does down the road, especially at the convention. Question: if Bernie does not win the nomination, will his supporters stay home come November?

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