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Covid-19 thoughts

March 16, 2020

I’ve been trying to come up with a creative and witty way of phrasing this post, but it appears my muse is currently quarantined.


Once more, preparedness, properly conceived and executed, is part of a normal, healthy lifestyle. Panic buying is not preparedness. Actions which declare “my plan is to panic” is not preparedness. Those things are, instead, an indication that you have either decided

  1. nothing can ever go sufficiently awry to disrupt your life, or
  2. you simply don’t want to think about such things

If that is what you’ve done, so far, I have a single question: How’s that working out? If you don’t have a plan, don’t panic. You can still come up with and implement one. You cannot do that, however, if you don’t force yourself to remain calm and to objectively consider your circumstances and resources.


If you are sharing memes which suggest people can avoid (or even, I kid you not, cure) Covid-19, by

  • drinking water
  • gargling with vinegar
  • any other asinine idea floating around in meme-land

then please pay attention. Those things are not true! They are, at best, the idle speculation of the grossly misinformed. At worst they are willful, deliberate lies. So, please, stop sharing them. What did other people do to you that lead you to hate them so much you would willingly contribute to their possible demise?

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