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March 19, 2020

In spite of his rather acerbic assertion, Bernie Sanders is not dealing with a “f***ing global crisis.” The person dealing with that is someone he likely despises. Hell, I don’t like him much either, but let’s at least have something that approximates honesty about who is doing what. What Bernie is dealing with is his increasing irrelevance and the growing realization he will never be POTUS.

Presumably, now that Canada has closed its borders, it is now okay if ours are closed, too.

When Sarah Hoyt doesn’t sound a hopeful note, it catches my attention. I encourage you to read her post. The most important parts are summed up this way:

Look, there is a possibility, a bare possibility that we come through this okay. The mess Obama left behind, Trump could only get us out of one of two ways: grow past the debt, or inflate past the debt.

The first one was working, but now the enemies-domestic have thrown it in the pot, and all that remains is the painful second. Thank heavens we used the last of our savings getting the kids through college. (She says bitterly.) The smart money now is to spend it all and borrow as much as you can. It’s how inflation works.

But unlike the panicky spokes-twat for the know-nothings, I remember the seventies. Ladies and gentlemen, this one is going to hurt like a MOTHER.

Followed by

Work, my friends. Work as hard as you can. Build under, build over, build around.

And let’s hope G-d in His infinite sense of humor still looks after Fools, Drunkards and the United States of America. And that as grandma assured me, He can write straight on humanity’s crooked lines.

This last week and the events thereof will be playing themselves out for the rest of my life, even if I — which is unlikely — should live to see a 100.

And we’re going to need all the luck, all the work, all the desperate struggle we can muster so that our children and grandchildren don’t live in one of many competing national socialism(s).

Socialism kills, fast or slow. National or international it’s just a matter of speed and directness.

Let’s keep it from our shores yet once more.

On a more pleasant note, the brisket is in the smoker and the smoker is producing nice, clean smoke from a mixture of oak, pecan and hickory. Soon, it will be noon and I can have a frosty beverage of choice.


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