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The things we learn

May 17, 2020

They can be odd, the things we learn that we never quite saw coming. For instance, I have learned that people who fundamentally disagree on a large number of things, including the current pandemic, can be equally stupid. I find that odd.

Regardless of what you think about the current pandemic, if you’re going to wear a mask, why not wear the thing so it provides whatever benefit it can? If it doesn’t cover both your mouth and nose, it isn’t protecting anyone.

Fighting over items in a grocery store? Really? Is it your belief that you’ll be better off in jail?

No, a lock down is not going to significantly reduce the number of people who are ultimately infected. No, the virus that causes Covid-19 is not a hoax. It really exists and it really makes some people very sick. No, we are not likely to have a safe, effective vaccine in a few months, or even in a year. In fact, there is no guarantee we will every have one at all. No, vaccines do not cause autism and they are not part of some vast conspiracy.

No, the corona virus is not part of a plan to reduce overall population and you sound like an idiot when you suggest it is. No, there is not a one-size-fits-all response to the pandemic and you, too, sound like an idiot when you suggest there is.


I have learned another odd thing. I was not as prepared as I thought. Better prepared than a lot of people? Absolutely. And yet, there were still some rather significant holes in my general preparedness plan – holes I had simply been unable to see. We got lucky here at RM Ranch. Had the predictions of the RCB (Reynolds Chapeau Brigade) come true, things would have been…inconvenient. Fortunately, those folks remain consistent in their ability to be wrong and we have recovered nicely. Still, it lead to one of those “I will not be caught short like this, ever again” moments. Lessons learned and all that. My spring garden this year is larger than it has been in a while. If production is as high as I hope, there will be a lot of truly fresh veggies over the summer, along with a lot of canning.



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