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Uh, no

June 1, 2020

With the turmoil, violence and destruction we’ve seen over the last few days secondary to the death of George Floyd, I certainly understand the need to restore and maintain order. While it has been a long time since my law enforcement days in the USCG, the video suggests, at best, a casual indifference to the condition of Mr. Floyd. Even back in the ancient mid-1980s, we knew we were responsible for anyone we arrested. More timely arrest(s) of the officers involved, even if on initially lesser charges, might have helped avoid what’s going on in many of our cities. Still, we are where we are. Rioting and looting are not acceptable. Likewise, neither is this (click here for video). I was saddened and angry beyond words when I saw the video of George Floyd being murdered. Watching LEOs firing on people, apparently for the  unspeakable crime of daring to stand on their own property while watching law enforcement file past, brought all that back.

I know a few LEO’s. They are, to the person, good and honorable men and women. I support them and the often difficult and unappreciated job they are called to do. Still, I cannot support firing on citizens who are doing nothing more than standing on their porch and taking video of the LEO’s as they walk through what appears to be nothing more than a residential neighborhood, anymore than I can support the actions of those who contributed to and permitted the death of George Floyd.

Beyond the “four rules of gun safety” attributed (accurately, I think) to Jeff Cooper, I have another rule regarding firearms. To wit, if I am on my own property and present no threat, do not shoot at me, even if you are only firing some form of less lethal ammo. If you do, it is almost a guarantee I will return fire.

George Floyd, an American citizen, should not have been killed. Sadly, he had little say in what happened. Those who had him in custody failed in their obligation to protect him. The same is not true for me. I am not likely to be arrested. While I remain a free man, I will not tolerate being shot at.

I fear for liberty and for my country.



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  1. OldNFO permalink

    Well, they refused multiple commands to go in. Marker rounds are a LOT better than 9mm or 5.56. Yes, Floyd was killed, no question. But that is NOT an excuse for the rioting, looting, and burning. Also, they need to start surrounding the crowds and get the agitators/instigators that are hiding at the back of the crowds. Arrest their asses. Also, in RIchmond last night, they burned a building with a family in it, child almost did not get rescued because they blocked the fire department.

    • As it happens, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I have no sympathy for the rioters and agitators. My thoughts as to how to deal with them are…less than either socially or legally acceptable. The rounding up of various agitators is going to be made more difficult by their (the agitators) apparent use of black bloc tactics, which is going to require, I think, very rapid and aggressive responses to riots in their initial stages.

      I just have this thing about being shot at.

  2. OldNFO permalink

    I shoot back… Period!

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