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To clarify

June 3, 2020

Yesterday, it occurred to me that my most recent post might lead some to misunderstand my position on our current social unrest. So, to clarify, I submit the following, in no particular order (they are numbered simply to help me think as I write).

  1. The death of George Floyd appears, based on everything I have seen, to be murder. Not a “mistake,” not an “oopsie,” but murder. Those responsible should face the same justice any of us, including George Floyd, would face in similar circumstances.
  2. It is okay to be sad and angry about his murder. It is, in fact, just and right and good to be saddened and angered by his death. If you are not so affected, you have a problem.
  3. It is okay to peacefully protest what you perceive as the things that lead to George Floyd’s death. While it may be counter-productive, it’s okay to do so while armed as long as doing so is legal.
  4. It is not okay to riot. Allow me to repeat that. It is not okay to riot. I know that someone will likely think or respond with MLK’s observation that riots are “the language of the unheard.” There is some truth to that. It does not, however, legitimize a riot. You can do whatever you want with your stuff. Break it, burn it, tag it, whatever. I don’t care. I will, in fact, actively support your right to do so. The stuff belonging to other people, or to all of us, is not yours to destroy, to deface or to which to limit access by others. If your response to my statement is to declare “you’re a racist,” I suggest the following: you are a waste of protoplasm taking up space and using oxygen that could be better utilized by a superior life form; cockroaches for instance.
  5. If you riot and get hurt, arrested, or both, you have only yourself to blame.
  6. If you support the rioters, if you are “on their side,” you are an idiot. Riots, once underway, do not have sides. They do not care about the purity of the “cause,” the nobility of anyone’s character, or who you support.
  7. I make it a habit to avoid crowds and events likely to devolve into a riot. If one starts and you physically attack me or mine before we can get away, I will most likely shoot you. A lot. If you shoot at me, regardless of who you are and even if you use marker rounds, it is a virtual guarantee I will return fire. I have this thing about being attacked or shot at.

Hopefully, that provides some clarity.


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  1. Well said, sir.

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