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Helpful hint for rioters

June 4, 2020

While my earlier posts may have seemed harsh regarding those who are inclined to use peaceful protests as justification to riot, I am not completely without compassion for those who feel the need to physically express their outrage. I offer, therefore, an example of an easy target for those folks looking for someone to pummel in order to strike a blow against “the violence inherent in the system.” These easy targets may be identified by the government uniforms they wear.


Also, they wear little brown French hats because they play the bagpipes.

You’re welcome. So sorry about your boo-boos.

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  1. Made me smile. Sad but true that some will not even get it…..

  2. OldNFO permalink


    • “I’m not sure what happened. One minute I gettin’ ready to deliver a beatdown and next thing I knew my butt was up around my ears!”

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