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Spleen venting

July 24, 2020

Where are their(sic) voices of the Second Amendment pro gun rights advocates, when unidentifiable camo’d federal stormtroopers are abducting lawful citizens off US streets, without due process, isn’t this what we were warned about?

How are NRA members planning to help prevent government Tyranny now that Trump is sending out squads to round up political dissidents? Will the NRA act in small groups to fight this Tyrannical Government action or will there be a national response?

President Donald Trump has sent troops into a US state without the request of the state governor. Should the people of that state fight back against these troops? I thought the Second Amendment was written for such an eventuality.

Is sending federal agents to Chicago, in effect, the very reason the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms (citizens taking up arms against a tyrannical government)?

Why would armed resistance to the unidentifed(sic) security forces at work in Portland not be justified under the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government?

These are examples of the questions I and other gun owners have been asked of late (here I have included only the questions I have specifically been asked to answer). While Larry Correia recently (and far more ably than I) addressed something similar, the regular appearance of such questions leaves me feeling compelled to respond. Be advised, I am out of patience and that lack of patience has released my inner deck ape (if you were in either the USCG or the USN, you’ll understand). My response has not been edited for spelling, profanity or flow of ideas. You have been warned.

To begin, do the world a favor and shut your lying mouth, you two-faced, disingenuous piece of crap. Would you, please? I mean, I don’t really expect you to, given your propensity for misrepresenting both the beliefs with which you disagree and the people who hold them, but “hope springs eternal” and all that. Instead, what I expect is that you’ll double down on your profound dishonesty. Then, if that is ineffective, you’ll attempt to play the intellectually and morally superior role before finally going somewhere else to spread your bullshit, no doubt pleased with the “strong moral stand” you have taken in your virtue signaling.

I know we disagree, but allow me to share a few simple thoughts with you. Don’t worry. I’ll try to use simple words. Put down your crayons and try to keep up.
When you make an assertion, it should at least bear a faint resemblance to observable truth. None of the following meet even that low standard.
• federal stormtroopers
• abducting lawful citizens off US streets
• without due process
• Trump is sending out squads to round up political dissidents
• President Donald Trump has sent troops into a US state
• unidentifed security forces at work in Portland

“Stormtroopers?” Really? That’s your assessment? No, of course it isn’t. You’re simply using an emotionally laden word in an effort to manipulate people into agreement. “Abducting lawful citizens off US streets” is just as bad. I know it is a shock, but once law enforcement, local, state or federal, orders a group to disperse and the group declines to do so, the individuals in that group are no longer “lawful.” Moving on, please show me the evidence anyone is being denied due process. Assertions by other riot uh, protesters, is not very good evidence.

“…squads to round up political dissidents?” Once more, really? The assertion is crap. If political dissidents were being “rounded up” you wouldn’t be posting these asinine assertions disguised as questions. Instead, you would be cowering in a corner of your mom’s basement, occasionally emerging from the shadows to masturbate to internet porn. Of course, given that you’ve likely posted your question from there, at least you’re already set up to be comfy.

“President Trump has sent troops into a US state.” This is simply a lie. Allow me to explain. I’m a retired military officer, but I started my career in the enlisted ranks. “Troops” typically refers to military personnel There’s actually a specific process for becoming a member of the US military. You are no doubt surprised to learn that while wearing camo and being armed are sometimes part of the military experience, those two things alone do not make one a member. Shocking, I know.

“Unidentified security forces at work in Portland.” You really are a lying sack of shit aren’t you?
Organization patches, numbers and the rather noticeable word “POLICE” don’t fit with “unidentified.” Liar.

Then, of course, we have the variations on “isn’t this what the 2nd Amendment was written for” type questions. So insightful. So cutting. So much just another lie on your part. You aren’t really curious and you don’t really believe that is the (or even a) purpose of the 2nd Amendment. No, you’re simply misrepresenting the beliefs of many 2nd Amendment supporters so you can attack them for not doing what you think their beliefs, beliefs you don’t even remotely support, obligate them to do. Liar.

Over the years, decades actually, I have been assured that I want to take up arms against the government, that I don’t care about those who are murdered with a gun, that I hate children, that I willfully endanger my family and that I am just another spree killer waiting for the spark that will set me off. That none of those things are true seems to be irrelevant. That you see yourself struggling with those issues if you supported the right to keep and bear arms, and thus need to project your fucked up pathology onto others, is all those accusations are – projection.

Now that your side of the political spectrum is being seen for the out-of-control idiocy it is, you ask why I am not rushing to take up arms in your defense. You tell lies and then ask why I am not willing to shed blood, both the blood of others and my own, to defend you and others who hate me and my devotion to freedom. Aside from the fact that you are lying about events, there is this: you wanted this. That’s right. You wanted a situation in which government would arrest people who protested and then rioted. The difference, of course, is that you wanted it to happen to people like me. I know you wanted it to happen to me because people like you actually told me so – more than once. And so, you pushed, time and time again, for laws that would allow such things to happen. You wanted a government big enough and powerful enough to do such things. You just didn’t think you would ever be on the receiving end. Sucks to be you, doesn’t it, asshole?

Tyranny? Suck my ass, liar. Your grasp of political reality is so sophomoric that you have no idea of how real tyranny would appear. Nope. You’re just all in a dither because you have been caught in a trap of your own making. You don’t think the 2nd Amendment is for resisting real tyranny. You don’t think my love of individual liberty is worth defending. You’re just upset that things aren’t working out the way you want.

So, as things stand right now, no, I won’t shed anyone’s blood, especially my own, to protect you and your desire to riot and move the nation away from a strong footing of individual liberty. You have sown the wind, now you can reap the whirlwind. All on your own. If you choose to be stupid, feel free to bleed and die. I don’t much care.

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