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A new goody

July 27, 2020

I’ve been searching for a belt to wear for concealed and open carry for a while. Since I prefer OWB carry, finding the right belt has been a challenge. I could wear a duty belt, but those look odd and do nothing to help maintain a normal appearance. Close friends decided to help me out and bought me a Daltech Force “BULLBELT® BULLHIDE ULTIMATE THICKNESS STEEL CORE GUN BELT” for my birthday.

According to the website, the goal is 15 oz of leather, which should give a belt of just over 1/4″ thickness. Sure enough, my belt measures at slightly over 1/4″ thick with a micrometer. It is 1 1/2″ wide. The roller buckle is as sturdy as a belt this heavy would need and is attached with Chicago screws so I can change it if I choose.

I have to admit that getting used to the steel core is taking some time. There just isn’t much flex with it. That said, so far I have been able to wear any of my pistols and revolvers without fatigue and without “belt droop.” While it can still be a relief to take off the gun at the end of the day, this belt supports the weight far better than any I’ve had so far. The result is that there’s not as much relief simply because the belt supports the weight of the gun so well. I’m pretty sold on this belt. If it continues to function well, I anticipate using it for a very long time. And I’ll probably buy one in brown.

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  1. OldNFO permalink

    I like Galco belts, they’ll hold up your holster and I usually get 4-5 years out of one.

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