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Rage against the stupidity

August 19, 2020

That’s what I’m calling it, anyway. Behold the article to which I refer. Of particular interest is this line regarding the Alien franchise,

“In the context of anti-Black culture, the film signifies the Black woman as an unkillable and ceaselessly breeding alien who threatened the body politic.”

and this one regarding the Predator franchise

“In the context of racially charged white anxieties about immigration and social order, the historical demonization of Black men is a trope, a stereotype, that easily maps onto cinematic typecasting. The 1987 Hollywood film that launched the Predator franchise fits this pattern.”

In the interest of fairness and brevity, I will attempt to not go on at length regarding the article, beyond this: what a steaming, overwhelming load of horses***.  If you buy either of the above two assertions, allow me to suggest you might be the actual racist.


Second rage. The newly minted word “LatinX.” In the interest of diversity and inclusiveness, I insist, nay demand, that you now refer to me ethnically and racially as either “GringX” or “CaucasianX.” You will note there are two options. If you use the wrong one, I will of course advise you of your unacceptable and clearly racist and microaggressive speech. You may consider yourself informed. Thank you.


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