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Poor choices

September 30, 2020

RM’s post-debate observation, the first

Having to choose between a geriatric asshole and a geriatric dementia patient for president seems like having to choose between chlamydia and gonorrhea. No reasonable person wants either one and the realization that one or the other is going to be inflicted on you should piss you off.

RM’s post-debate observation, the second

Apropos to the above, I frankly despise both Republicans and Democrats as species. Currently, I just happen to despise Democrats more.

RM’s post-debate observation, the third

Loudly proclaiming that your guy “clearly won” suggests you and I did not watch the same debate…or that you are a moron…or both.

RM’s post-debate observation, the fourth

Asserting that your guy “wants what’s best for me/you/the people/all of us” ignores the fact that your guy, whoever that might be, doesn’t know anything about you, including the fact that you, as an individual, even exist.

RM’s post-debate observation, summation

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One Comment
  1. OldNFO permalink

    Pretty much dead on. I’ve been ignoring the spin. It was a dumpster fire!

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