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Please, let’s not do this

November 7, 2020

You can support whoever you want in the ongoing election drama. Regardless of who you want(ed) to be ultimately inaugurated, I offer the following observations.

  • In 2000, various media outlets called Al Gore the winner for, as I recall, 31 days. History bears no record of a “President Gore.” What does that mean? Simply this: While I don’t know which way things are going to go, the obese female has not yet started her aria. Tensions could remain high in the weeks leading up to not just the electoral college doing its thing, but even longer. How much pressure can a system tolerate before something has to give? I don’t know.
  • It is not, cannot, be good for a nation to have successive elections in which one-half or the other of the electorate believes they were defrauded or disenfranchised.
    • No one knows how long this can go on in a given nation before widespread violent fragmentation occurs.
    • The things we’ve seen in some metro areas are nothing compared to what could happen.
  • It does not matter who started what we have now! Two kids spitting on each other on the playground devolves into “you started it” and “no, you did.” All their equally immature friends gather around to watch the action. It’s unfortunate and childish, then. When we’re talking about adults concerned with their future and that of their nation, it can be catastrophic.
  • If the bad thing happens, it will not matter who starts it! Regardless of your political leanings, if you think “your side” is guaranteed to win and to do so quickly and painlessly, you are an idiot. More than that, if we as a nation don’t find a way to back away from the precipice, you are a dangerous idiot.

So, please, no matter who you support, try to find a way to contribute to something other than either side becoming convinced violence is the only option. You don’t want that. I don’t want that. No one in their right mind wants that. Let’s not do this.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    Concur with all, however, I’m not sure the other side feels the same way… Sigh

  2. Mongoose1952 permalink

    Grow up man! This is not a school yard fight. If you know your history, it sounds like you want to hide your head in the sand. Communists did a great job in the last century and they did it while infiltrating the US. Go ahead, call me a McCarthyite! I don’t care.

    They are trying to destroy our country. This is not about how taxes should be spent or even what they should be spent on. This is about raw power and control over every facet of our lives, our freedoms, and you want to play nice? Get real.

    • Allow me to suggest it only sounds that way to you. It’s certainly nothing I have suggested. What I do suggest is that we need to try, as hard as we honestly can, to avoid having this situation devolve to the point of Americans killing Americans far beyond anything any of us have ever seen here. There are far too many people who seem to think war would be a good thing, or that the results are a foregone conclusion. Allow me to suggest, based on, you know, history, that a civil war in the US would not be two sides meeting in combat. Instead, think of multiple factions that cooperate with or battle each other, primarily by means of mobile or localized death squads. Think in terms of people being killed because they are on the “wrong side”…or because they are neutral…or because they support the “right side” but not enthusiastically enough (or too enthusiastically). If such a thing goes on long enough, think of being told by the leaders of “your” faction, whatever that might perhaps wind up being, deciding that your friend/spouse/significant other/parent/child/whatever needs to die because they are in one of the preceding groups. THAT, I submit, is likely to be the reality of a civil war in the US.

      Yes, I am well aware of history. I’m equally well aware of what the Communists did. I have no interest in calling you any names. I have no interest in surrendering what remains of out liberty. I also have no interest in bloody civil war if it can be reasonably avoided.

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