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Was it true?

November 18, 2020

Is it still true? I find this article from the BBC to be rather bitterly ironic. Think what you will about the recent US election, the speed with which people change their minds about what is or is not true, seemingly based upon nothing more than whose ox is being gored, can induce a c-spine injury.

Additional thought. That “whose ox is being gored” thing seems to apply to what people initially believe to be true, as well. I had one person on FecesBook insist that Sarah Hoyt (also here and here) could not possibly write about the left the way she does as a result of having grown up in Portugal. Nope. Instead, this otherwise reasonable man insisted (I know he’s otherwise reasonable because our kids played soccer together and we’d talk for hours) that Hoyt is “fronting for QAnon.” He was serious. Oh, well. At least he didn’t insist she’s actually a Mormon Male. I guess that’s something, right?

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  1. BLINK.
    Yeah, I’ve had wild accusations, but that one might take the cake.
    I mean, seriously?
    For the record, I had no clue what Qanon was. When the left went ape shit and started mentioning it, I asked #2 son what it was. His answer was “QAnon is not a reliable source.”
    To this date, that’s ALL I know.

  2. It sort of blindsided me, I’ll admit. The left has far more interest, to the point of fascination, in QAnon than any conservative or right-libertarian I know.

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