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November 20, 2020

In the US, we have created a society/nation/culture of previously unknown wealth and abundance. Yes, it is true that there are those, here in our country, who lack basic necessities. Yes, it is true that there are those for whom the American Dream is both unrealized and unrealizable. Overall, though, that wealth and abundance is very real. There’s a problem with that.

For multiple generations, each American generation enjoyed a better material existence, a higher standard of living than the generation preceding it. One of the results of this, I submit, is the belief that this wealth and abundance is the norm, that it’s just how life is. Further, the belief is that wealth and abundance are so much “just how life is,” that major changes can be made to the underlying philosophies, structures and institutions which made all that possible, without endangering or even destroying what far too many see as “just how life is.”

One of the underpinnings that allowed us to get where we are is the emphasis on individual liberty. That some were unjustly denied that liberty the rest took for granted does not change what I believe to be a fact. We are where we are, largely in terms of good things, because there was a recognition of the importance of individual liberty.

Certainly, there are those who disagree, on both the right and left. Some on the right foolishly claim that capitalism brings freedom. As a country produces wealth, some will argue, freedom increases. That’s a cart and horse type error. Liberty, the freedom to associate, cooperate, trade and compete produces wealth. Widespread freedom is the driver for at widespread wealth, not vice-versa.

Some on the left argue for something far more destructive. Everything that smacks of wealth and success, we are told, exists only because others were exploited. Aside from not being true, such a view is incredibly elitist/classist/racist/sexist (select the “ist” or “ism” of your choice). Surely, we are effectively told, people can’t do, become and achieve more if they are free from governmental restraint (other than not being allowed to harm or violate the rights of another). People, especially whoever the current downtrodden of the day happen to be, aren’t able to compete unless artificially supported.

Of the two beliefs, the second is the worst because it seeks an answer in the destruction of individual liberty. Everything becomes subject to the secular apocalyptic view of history. That’s the view that the oppressed will continue to be oppressed until they finally, with the help of the woke of course, throw off the chains of their oppressors and rise up. This will usher in some sort of secular millennial dawn, as a new age of peace and perfect prosperity reigns in this new Utopia.

“A pox o’ both your houses!” ~Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    This- “elitist/classist/racist/sexist (select the “ist” or “ism” of your choice)” says it all. They are using divisiveness to ‘beat down’ anyone who calls them to task. They don’t CARE about those downtrodden, other than as foils for their manipulation and gain in power.

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