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What the ever lovin’ royal f***?

December 5, 2020


Let me be clear. I don’t want Joe Biden to be POTUS. God knows I don’t want Kamala Harris to be a heartbeat away from being POTUS. I certainly believe there is sufficient evidence to suspect enough political chicanery to warrant investigations and legal challenges. Having the system check the system, and then accepting the system’s assertion that the system is fine is an asinine approach, ripe for abuse. With all that out of the way, I found this fecolith of a meme floating around on FB.

First, the meme itself:

A friend put it this way “…listen up you republican douchebag do you want to get added the the list? Because there’s PLENTY of room”

Which list is that, you ask? That would be the fourth box list. If the anti-constitutional horror the meme suggests were to come about, and if you publicly supported it or helped bring it about, welcome to my list.

Apparently, it’s not enough that we have the Left clamoring for the destruction of liberty. Oh, no. Not to be outdone, some people on the Right have decide one-upmanship is a good idea. People have lost their minds.

F***ing morons.

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