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Sunday morning music

December 6, 2020

Some people provide a musical post every Sunday. I would like to, but I’m not sure I can commit to that right now. Still, since we are now in the second week of Advent, it seems appropriate to focus on Christmas carols. I’m a fan of the “classics” in that I generally like to hear the carols sung largely as written (a constant source of frustration for my friends and family who prefer jazz versions, I’m sure). While he takes some liberties with the text of the verses, one of my favorites is Josh Groban’s rendition of O’ Holy Night. I’ve seen him perform it live and for that my only critique is that he could at least make it look like it took some effort!

Now, with all that said about “classic” Christmas carols, I suffer from a malady called “career Navy.” This means that things I find funny are not always, uh, family friendly. It is with that in mind that I offer my current favorite comedy, most-assuredly-not-family-friendly, Christmas song.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    Good ones, and yeah, I’m too deaf to enjoy the music, so I seldom post any.

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