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Reality bites

December 18, 2020

In case anyone has doubts, let me be clear. I did not and do not want Joe Biden to be POTUS. It’s not that I really wanted Donald Trump to be president, as much as I believed (and still believe) that Biden and all the rest of the Democratic field constituted a far worse choice. Please keep this in mind for what follows.

Do I think there is reason to suspect political chicanery? Yes. Do I think it was arguably sufficient to influence the outcome of the election? Yes. Do I think any of that is going to change anything regarding who is inaugurated in January? Nope. If I were inclined to bet my own money, I would bet on Joe Biden being inaugurated.

It’s not gonna be Donald Trump.

Let’s say that again. It’s not gonna be Donald Trump.

One of my concerns is that some people of the libertarian and conservative persuasions, perhaps unknowingly, have bought into Donald Trump’s often absurd rhetoric, including his “I’m the only one who can fix our problems” type comments. That’s a lie. He was not and is not “the only one.” It is arguable that he is not even one of those who can do that.

Donald Trump is not going to suddenly, magically “come from behind” and through a stroke of political genius be declared the ultimate winner of the election and subsequently inaugurated to a second term in January.

It. Is. Not. Going. To. Happen. Donald Trump is not going to save our nation.

Let’s go a bit further.

Political parties exist to do four things.

  1. Gain power
  2. Retain power
  3. Concentrate power in the hands of a relative few
  4. Increase that power

That is what political parties, at least those which consistently win elections, do. Pretending they do otherwise is to engage in self-deception. What this means is that the GOP is not going to save our nation. The GOP, in terms of those who are the movers and shakers of the party, has no interest in “saving the country” at the expense of its power. It’s not going to happen. Not this year. Not next year. Never. The GOP may or may not win the mid-term elections. It may or may not win and win big in 2024. It does not matter. The GOP will not save the nation. Why? Please see the above list.

The only ones who can do anything, the only ones who can save the nation, are the citizens. The people. Specifically, I referring to those who do not embrace some form of the Left’s progressive agenda. People like us.

What should we do? F*** if I know.

Reality bites.

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