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Apologies and observations

January 17, 2021

As I mentioned a few days back, Mrs. RM and I are in New Orleans. Yesterday, she wanted to tour some cemeteries and see the French Quarter (aka “the Quarter), so that is how we spent the day. Unfortunately, those two things ate up the entire day and I was unable to post my latest “30 Days of Mocking the Left” meme. It will be coming out later today, I promise.

While it had been a long time since I had been to the Quarter, I remembered what it was like, even when it wasn’t Mardi Gras. Last night was, well, almost surreal. Other than one small section, the Quarter was dead. I made that observation to one shop-owner who told me that on the previous Saturday, they had gone for up to two hours with no one even entering her shop. If you’ve spent any time in the Quarter, you know that simply isn’t the norm. The ‘rona, or more accurately our various governmental responses to it, seems poised to take down yet more businesses and to destroy the livelihoods of even more people. This is so very much Not Good.

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