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Some things never change

February 11, 2021

Culture wars are interesting things. They often bear an uncanny resemblance to revolutions. As a rule, revolutions, for all their talk of making things better for the oppressed, righting wrongs, and providing for a better future, are usually nightmarish things — even if a gun is never fired. Not only must those in power be deposed, but an ever increasing number of people and institutions, including those who supported the revolution, are found to be wanting. They are found to be less than sufficiently ideologically pure as the revolution, which knows little of either constraint or restraint, must constantly seek new targets as it constantly narrows its definition of who and what is acceptable. The result is that those who were often champions are then “discovered” to be enemies. This is why we often hear some version of “supporters of the revolution are surprised to find themselves lined up in front of the wall.”

This characteristic is shared by culture wars, and certainly by the one in the US. Larry Correia, who has been writing about this stuff for years, makes that point quite well in this post. Regardless of how convinced you are that “this is different,” regardless of how much you have bought into the asinine and intellectually unsupportable belief that history has a “right” and “wrong” side, the odds are that the current culture war will find you. Rest assured, many before you have said the same thing and were honestly surprised when they became targets. You can deny it if you wish, but history is not your friend in this.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    Larry hits a home run with that one, as usual! 🙂

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