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The coldz, pt 2

February 19, 2021

Water is back up (the boil notice remains in effect) and temps are supposed to top out in the low 40s, today, with a day-by-day increase into next week. We did pretty well here at RM Ranch. We’re reworking the preparedness plan(s) based on lessons learned. Hopefully, things will go more smoothly the next time something inconvenient occurs.

On a related note, I should like to point out that as a resident of Texas (though not a native) I don’t care that Senator Ted Cruz took his family to Cancun while it was so cold and snowy. He’s not a snowplow driver, and his presence or absence in the state made no difference in how things proceeded. I was not any more inconvenienced by his absence than I would have been less so had he been here. People could, and probably should, find something else about which to feel offended. If you can’t think of something, feel free to contact me and I’ll provide you with a list.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    Shrug- Cruz can do what he wants. He’s an adult. NOTHING he could do would have changed the situation. Hell, if ‘I’ could have afforded it, I’d have gone somewhere warm too! My only mis-step on planning was not protecting TWO water lines in a wall. Going to be working on that one next week.

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