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A sad day

February 22, 2021

While I tend to think of politicians, as a class, as lying, scheming and not terribly bright, scoundrels, I find it more than a little depressing to find such obvious evidence of that when it comes to the POTUS. That said, I am convinced that President Biden is either a liar or an idiot…or perhaps both. This is, I believe, from 2015.

Of course, The Writer in Black put it far better than I in this post.

The apparent ease with which lies pour from the mouths of politicians is perhaps more nauseating than the lies themselves.

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  1. Donald Singleton permalink

    The issue is that the exact words are not quite as important to those “fact-checkers” as are how they interpret them. You suggestions are certainly some of the literal ways to interpret this statement, but more likely, in my opinion, is that your interception, which seems fully logical to me, does not meet their agenda, and that is where this who thing starts to become scary. They are trying hard to make us believe, or at least those sitting on the fence believe that Biden does not believe that we are not important enough to be take serious, and thus as marginalized humans, not worthy to hove our voice or our vote count. I for one disagree in the strongest terms. The Bill of Rights was written to be followed to the letter of the law, as the law of the land and irrevocable. If we do not soon right this ship, correct these wrongs our nation will be lost.

  2. Old NFO permalink

    If their lips are moving, they’re lying…REGARDLESS of party!

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