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Is or is not

February 24, 2021

I’m referring, in my mediocre attempt to channel Yoda, to freedom of speech. For a freedom to truly be such, it must be, I submit, limited only in that I may not use my freedom to infringe upon yours. That’s it. This brings us to a succinct treatment of the topic, both freedom of speech in general and the Baen’s Bar kerfuffle specifically, by LawDog in a post he wrote for Sarah Hoyt’s blog. From my time in newspapers I can remember when most of the population knew and understood that attacking freedom of speech, or the press, was a losing proposition. The freedom(s) were that important. Sadly, we seem to have regressed to the point of having a loud and possibly large number of people who believe it is their job to police and regulate speech they don’t like. This qualifies as a Very Bad Thing. Read the article.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    That’s a good one, and yes, freedom of speech IS our right.

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