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Hero pay

March 16, 2021

I understand that in the leftist science-following utopia of California, certain people are now qualified for “hero pay” based upon doing there jobs under truly hazardous conditions. After giving it some thought, I think there are certain situations which entitle one to hero pay in the American South.

  • You stopped to help someone change a flat tire in the rain, even though he/she was not wearing a mask.
  • You don’t treat people differently based upon their decision to wear or not wear a mask.
  • You let the neighborhood kid who mows your lawn come inside to cool off in the middle of a southern summer, even though he’s not part of your household.
  • When the store owner said “no mask, no service” you endorsed his right to do so…and spent your money elsewhere, even if you wore a mask.
  • You’re less than impressed that the CDC assures Americans that as more people are vaccinated, it will issue a new list of approved social activities.
  • You didn’t tell the governor “thank you” for ending COVID restrictions and permitting you to exercise your freedom once more.
  • You refrained from rearranging the face of the $*#&$(%)%)%(%$ who yelled at you from six inches away because you declined to wear a mask.
  • You’re an 18 year-old kid who is deployed far away from home, in service to your country…and whose pay qualifies you for food stamps.

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  1. Clifford Gregory permalink

    I agree, the problem we have me hero worship something that has nothing to do with being a real hero. Mike Thornton was a real Hero. Audie Murphy was a real hero. Some guy playing football or basket ball for million, or some who says words they didn’t think up or attempts to be entertaining is not a hero. Those people are compensated beyond their worth. When I started in the Navy at $58 per month, I never considered it any form of heroism, but my attitude today is anyone who raised thier hand for the meager salary paid to defend our nation is a hero.

  2. Old NFO permalink

    So they are talking about giving $6000 bonuses for school teachers out of the Covid windfall… sigh

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