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I am assured it works

March 29, 2021

I occasionally find myself drawn into discussions with those on the Left. While they, like any others who happen to share a relatively uniform group of political ideologies are not monolithic, there are some things they tend to have in common. One of those is a preference for increasing levels of gun control.

*Please insert reference to gun control being proper stance, good sight picture, etc.*

It seems to be irrelevant to the Left that, at least in the US, gun control has a long and dirty history of being a tool of rather blatant (and sometimes not-so-blatant) racism. This time, we are assured, it will not be.

*Please insert Michael Bloomberg’s reason for wanting minorities disarmed.*

Likewise, it seems to be irrelevant to the Left that, at least in the US, gun control is notable for its consistent failure to ever produce its promised benefits. This time, we are assured, it will work.

*Please insert list of crimes committed with guns in places that would seem to be a gun control advocate’s wet dream.*

All of which brings me to this observation. The Left, of whom socialists are a fine example,

*Please insert Sarah Hoyt’s observation about “Same sh*t, different name for the smell.”

fail to see the irony of hating what is arguably one of the few (perhaps only) thing(s) socialism has ever produced that works consistently. It ain’t clean, it ain’t pretty and it ain’t great, but it works.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    Pretty much true, the ONLY advantage is to deprive us of our right and ability to defend ourselves from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

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