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Allies who aren’t

April 14, 2021

The good news is that HB 1927, a bill that would eliminate the need for Texans over the age of 21 to obtain a license (TLC) in order to legally carry a firearm, is scheduled for a floor vote tomorrow (4/15/2021) in the House. More good news is that a similar bill didn’t get this far last time, so we are making progress. If it passes the House, the state Senate will be forced to at least consider it. As you might expect, the normal group(s) of anti-freedom people oppose the bill. It happens. That’s not good, of course. There is, however, something much worse. Also voicing opposition is a group of TLC instructors. It is beyond annoying that this group would join in such an anti-freedom effort. Given that the prior predictions of doom and destruction voiced by gun control advocates have uniformly failed to materialize, I can come up with only one reason for TLC instructors to oppose this bill: They’re worried their fellow citizens increased freedom will cost them money. Quislings. And yes, if you are a Texas TLC instructor who is opposed to the elimination of the TLC requirement, I am referring to you.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    They’re afraid they will lose their ‘income’, what little it is. Also, I ‘think’ a lot of them get kickbacks from Texas Law Shield if they sign them up.

  2. Gregory K. Taggart permalink

    I am an LTC Instructor. I fully support Constitutional Carry and my State Rep and Senator Paxton know my position.

    In spite of the naysayers, we might also wind up with Constitutional OPEN Carry for the first time since 1876; with a license still to be required to hide the gun.

    Irrelevant to the “freedom” question- reports from Arizona after they went full Constitutional Carry suggest that paid training went UP. Yes Up. Mature, responsible people realize they need both operations training and training on the Law.

    As the bill is drafted, CC is limited to any non felon, no prohibited adult person , essentially the same cohort of persons who are getting the LTC.

    We will find out more as the House debate continues.

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