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April 21, 1836

April 21, 2021

This date, following the events at Goliad and the Alamo, is recognized in Texas as San Jacinto Day. It commemorates the 18 minute butt whoopin’ given by Texans to the forces directly lead by Santa Anna.

As an aside, the good general seems to have been resistant to learning from his mistakes as some years later, during the Mexican-American War, he would be handed yet another sugnificant defeat, this time at the hands of Winfield Scott.

*I propose that the state of Texas officially change the name of this day to “Curb Stomp Day.”

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    AND he got his ass caught trying to escape in a Private’s uniform… 🙂

    • Gregory Taggaart permalink

      The Texians wanted to hang him, but Houston guaranteed Santa Anna’s life provided he would sign a recognition of Texas independence. Such a document would have legal force because Santa Anna was President, dictator, Minister of War, Minister of State and Ambassador Plenipotentiary, and sole representative of the Mexican Congress, which he had dissolved.
      This was certainly convenient.
      Santa Anna signed and was not hanged.

  2. Gregory Taggaart permalink

    It is San Jacinto Day. A force of about 900 tired citizen soldiers- farmers, printers, cattle ranchers, store clerks, lawyers, doctors, blacksmiths, and at least one sea captain having been chased almost 300 miles across south Texas, bivouacked on a wooded peninsula with only one exit. After the pursuing Mexican force of more than 3000 split and about 1500 entered the peninsula area, Sam Houston ordered the only bridge burned. The next afternoon, the Texians , led by two fiddlers and
    a fife playing :” Will you come to the Bower”, attacked and defeated the Mexican force commanded by the ” Napoleon of the West”, President and dictator of Mexico, Antonio Lopez, de Santa Anna.
    The battle was over in less than 30 minutes.

    It is also Texas Aggie Muster Day.

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