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Heard over the 1MC

May 5, 2021

Now for the information of all hands:



That is all.

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  1. CPT Taggart permalink

    My daughters were taught TANSTAAFL from the age of 6..

    Even if something is free to the recipient, like Freedom or Salvation, someone or Someone, paid.

    If a politician proclaims ” Free Ice Cream” for YOU, someone the politician does not like is buying.

  2. There is ALWAYS a price to be paid.

  3. Old NFO permalink

    Yep, there IS a price…somewhere…

    • Gregory Taggart permalink

      I keep upvoting comments by Navy guys.
      Of course, Heinlein was a Navy Officer before the tuberculosis thing. I would upvote his comments as well.

      I wish Moon is a Harsh Mistress was required reading in high school. TANSTAAFL
      Tunnel in the Sky, too

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