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It ain’t perfect

June 16, 2021

On the other hand, it’s a damn sight better than no Constitutional carry at all. Texas Governor Abbot has signed into law the Constitutional carry bill recently passed by the legislature. It goes into effect on September 1st. I strongly encourage anyone who is both currently unlicensed and impatient to not violate current law. Wait until September 1st to carry without a license.

NOTE: If I were inclined to be tacky, I might say something like “Ha! Cry for me, you statist gun control advocates!” Good thing I didn’t include such a comment here.

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  1. Doug Dershane permalink

    following the law is the only way we will be able to keep out country whole until this criminals get out of office

  2. Old NFO permalink

    Concur! And today he said $250 million for a border wall in Texas, with more to come since Xiden et al won’t do it!!!

  3. CPT Taggart permalink

    Texans, Free Advice:

    Please understand that The Firearms Carry Act of 2021 takes effect 1 September 2021.

    It does not abolish the License To Carry. LTC holders can do some things and carry some places that permit-less carriers cannot. Please also understand that the Law of Self Defense has not changed ( Chapter 9 -Penal Code) and EVERY firearms carrier MUST ABSOLUTELY know the relevant law, the legally applicable prohibitive signage and where carry is allowed by a Constitutional carrier.
    A permit-less carrier must be 21, not felon, an illegal alien or other or Prohibited Person, not a member of a criminal street gang and not have been convicted in last 5 years for a smorgasbord of violent Class A Misdemeanors or Disorderly Conduct. and must not be committing any offense other than a Class C misdemeanor related to traffic or boating.

    Take a class.

    For starters-

    1,You cannot ever, ever, ever, shoot a mere trespasser ( even in Texas), Trespass is a tort, not a crime-you sue a trespasser. If you order him to leave and he refuses-that’s the crime of criminal trespass. Call the Sheriff, the Constable or the police and have him arrested. You cannot shoot a trespasser, regardless of what they say on the internet.

    2.It is unlawful to use Deadly Force against mere words- ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”- Remember that. That guy screaming at you and cussing you and and using racist and vulgar and insulting words about your mama; and EVEN if he says bad things about Texas A & M –

    3, Any behavior with a firearm that is immature, juvenile, stupid and irresponsible is almost certainly unlawful. Like any responsible law abiding citizen, if there is a dispute, control your emotions, swallow your anger and your ire and pride if need be – SHUT UP and WALK AWAY FROM THE CONFLICT.

    Not knowing the Law will get some honest but misinformed people stuck in jail as well as sued..

    Every person should read Massad Ayoobs book- “In Gravest Extreme” and its recent update and expansion “Deadly Force”

    I’m sitting at my desk working on a training plan on just this subject.

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