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California thoughts

September 13, 2021

Call this one “Observation from a man who Despises most Politicians.” The Democrats hold the slimmest of all possible majorities in the US Senate. With the current 50/50 split (two independent senators caucus with the Democrats), should a vote reflect that split, they rely upon the Vice-President to cast the tie-breaking vote. One can reasonably anticipate that she could be counted upon to vote with her party. Politics being what it is, the same thing would be true if the Republicans held the White House. What does this have to do with California?

I’m glad you asked.

Larry Elder has said that should he be elected in the vote to oust and replace Gavin Newsome, he will appoint a Republican should either of California’s Senate seats become vacant. What I want to suggest, given the more-than-normally acrimonious nature of the 2020 election and the various promises and accusations that followed, is that the Democrats simply cannot lose the election. Note that I did not say they cannot afford to lose the election. Rather, they cannot lose. They will not allow it. There is simply too much riding on it. My prediction is that Newsome will win, regardless of what polls say or right wing pundits suggest.

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  1. I hope your wrong… but your probably right. The Dems will do whatever it takes to win.

    • In all fairness, the Republicans are probably only marginally less likely to do something similar were circumstances reversed. Still, since the Democrats are in power, they are my target.

      • Republican RINO’s are weak (like Mitt Romney)–which is the majority of them. The respectable Republicans like Rand Paul or Ron DeSantis who actually have a spine, would never do something similar if circumstances were reversed.

  2. Old NFO permalink

    Sadly, I think you’re right. Elder will win but lose in the end…

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